Al Fanar Mall


Al Khobar


Design, Construction, Fit-out, MEP
Al Fanar Mall
The Al Fanar Mall Corporate Office project is a comprehensive undertaking that encompasses design, construction, fit-out, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), and furniture installation. This venture is dedicated to creating a sophisticated and functional corporate space within the Al Fanar Mall complex, tailored to meet the specific needs and standards of a modern business environment.The design phase involves meticulous planning to ensure the integration of aesthetic appeal with optimal functionality. Emphasis is placed on creating a workspace that reflects the brand identity of the company while providing a conducive and inspiring atmosphere for work.The construction phase is geared towards bringing the design vision to life, with a focus on quality, durability, and adherence to safety standards. State-of-the-art construction methods and materials are employed to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of the corporate office.The fit-out aspect involves the detailed customization and finishing of interior spaces, taking into consideration the specific requirements of different departments and work areas. This includes the installation of partitions, flooring, ceilings, and other elements that contribute to the overall ambiance and functionality of the office.The MEP component ensures that the corporate office is equipped with efficient and sustainable mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. This includes climate control, lighting, power distribution, and water supply, all designed to enhance comfort and productivity.Finally, the furniture installation phase focuses on providing ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing furnishings throughout the office space. This includes workstations, meeting room furniture, reception areas, and other elements essential for a modern and comfortable workspace.

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